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Terms and Condition

This Terms of Service and Conditions informs the conditions for use of the Website LiveVentania.
Use of the Website LiveVentania characterizes you as a user of the Website (the "User") and implies full acceptance without reservation of all items of this Terms of Service and Conditions.
Access to the Website LiveVentania and content available therein is free.
a) The use of the Website LiveVentania does not require prior subscription or registration of users. Nevertheless, so that the User can enjoy certain benefits and services provided by the website, your previous registration may be necessary. The rules on registration are described in item by itself in this term.
b) The User shall use the Website only for personal purposes without commercial or profit-making purposes.
c) The User agrees to use the contents made available on the Website, such as audio, text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as graphics and drawings source code (hereinafter, the "Content") according to the law and the provisions of this Agreement.
d) The User, by posting comments on the website, consents with the maintainance of them on the environment of the Website.
a) The User is responsible for maintaining their registration information complete, correct and updated.
b) The administration of the Website LiveVentania reserves the right to, at any time, suspend or ultimately eliminate the User's registration responsible for sending irregular contents, as well as make the necessary communications to the competent authorities.
a) Are considered irregular content materials or comments received from members, which are contrary to the legal system, morals and good practices of Internet use. In particular, it is forbidden to use the Website LiveVentania for:
   (I) sending violent, pornographic or criminal messages that violate the public order; sending messages that may incite, induce or promote discriminatory or racist attitudes; and sending insulting or defamatory statements;
   (Ii) conducting electoral propaganda;
   (Iii) attach URLs, email addresses or other advertising materials and / or third-party advertising.
   (Iv) registration with false third party information;
   (V) breach of the privacy of other users;
   (Vi) infringement of intellectual and industrial property of the Website LiveVentania and third parties in general, ie, copyright, trademarks, patents etc., through reproduction of materials without prior permission of the owner;
   (Vii) use of names and / or nicknames deemed offensive, as well as those containing personal data of any other User, without permission, in addition to any name that is similar to "LiveVentania" and its media;
   (Viii) the transmission or delivery of third party proprietary information;
   (Ix) transmit or send files with viruses, with invasive content, destructive or that cause temporary or permanent damage to equipment of other users and / or the website LiveVentania;
b) the content published by The User is their sole responsibility. The Website LiveVentania is not responsible for the content, opinions and comments of the visitors of any interactive product.
c) The Website LiveVentania reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion, to remove any comments or posts that could be considered of inappropriate content or construed as contrary to the Website LiveVentania's rules or that conflict with legal standards, whether observed by LiveVentania staff or third party's complaint.
d) if there is breach of the rules set forth herein or practice of illegalities is verified, the User may have access to the interactive areas of the Website LiveVentania blocked. User will also be also subject to the penalties provided by law.
e) The LiveVentania Website reserves the right to store the information of users connecting to the mail delivery system, in order to enable any identification procedures that are necessary.
Our Privacy Policy also is applied, and is accessible directly on this website.
a) The User acknowledges that the administrators of the website LiveVentania exclusively hold all intellectual property on the Website, including, but not limited to, copyright (moral and property, trademarks, patents, trade names, domain names, establishment titles, and industrial and trade secrets), for any features, software, sounds, music, images, text, layout, design, screens, graphics, templates, communication channel, build links, and database, unless otherwise stated.
b) any unauthorized access to private areas of the Website LiveVentania, not open to members, shall be considered as violation of property. Any attempt or consummation of access to structuring source code of the Website shall be considered as inappropriate access and undue copy. Every application for registration and use of marks or domain names similar to the Website LiveVentania and able to deceive third parties, will be considered as a means of customer poaching, subject to classification as unfair competition, for civil and criminal purposes.
a) The Website LiveVentania applies efforts to ensure, within the technical and economically reasonable manner, and provide access to content available on the Website LiveVentania. Administrators of Website LiveVentania undertake these efforts, regardless of any results. Furthermore, by using the site, the User declares to be aware of the problems faced naturally to maintain sites of this nature. administrators of the LiveVentania Website do not leave, therefore, guarantees of non-occurrence, among others, of invasions, alteration or loss of data, shutdown systems, unavailability of sites and portals, viruses dissemination, monitoring by third parties, fraud or defects that may affect the proper functioning of the Website LiveVentania.
b) The User acknowledges that offered free access to the Website LiveVentania does not characterize, for legal purposes, any obligation LiveVentania to maintain the service and service may be discontinued at any time if the company so decides.
c) The User should take precautionary measures it considers appropriate for any possible damage prevention purposes from access to the Website LiveVentania, including, among others, mechanisms and antivirus, firewall and secure with specific coverage. Administrators Website LiveVentania not have insurance to cover risks associated with access or use of the Website LiveVentania.
d) The User acknowledges that the provision of access to the Website LiveVentania takes place under the premise of the limitations and warranties and liability set forth herein, and recognizes the risks. Administrators of the Website LiveVentania disclaim the liability for damages or losses of any nature that may result from the lack of availability or continuity of the Website LiveVentania and / or its respective services.
a)the User of the Website LiveVentania is forbidden to attempt to exploit, screening or testing to circumvent any measure of security or authentication of the Website LiveVentania, and prohibits the adoption of cloning techniques or framing, including attempts or acts for removal, Deactivate or decoding, aimed at causing damage to technological devices that protect the Website LiveVentania. In this sense, the Users may be subject to sanctions and appropriate penalties.
a) The tolerance to the breach of any provision of this Terms of Service shall not imply waiver by the administrators of the website LiveVentania to the exercise of any rights under this Agreement.
b) The User acknowledges that the Website LiveVentania administrators may at any time, suspend or withdraw permanently the Website or any of its services, and start charging for access to or use of the Website.
c) This Terms of Service is an integral User agreement for access to the Website LiveVentania. If any terms of this Agreement shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such conditions should be fully exploited, leaving the others to remain in force.
e) The User accepts that the administrators of the website LiveVentania may modify these Terms of Use at any time by highlighting it with information on the Website LiveVentania regardless of any notice specifically sent to Users.
f) The User may refer any clarification of this term to the form Contact Us.
g) This Agreement shall be governed by Brazilian law, expressly waiving any other option of applicable law.